Sea Hawk is excited to introduce our new Emergency Response Division. After being involved in many trying fire seasons in Western Canada the decision was made to bring the best minds, equipment and trucks to the fight.  Sea Hawk PERFORMANCE is excited to partner with companies like Acres Emergency Vehicles, Thermo-Gel and Scotty Firefighter.

Our trusted team members have extensive experience in providing response and consultation for some of the largest threats and disasters in Canadian history. When working with Sea Hawk you can expect a professional, experienced and self-sufficient team that will work closely with your agency to provide real options and/or solutions to protecting your community or assets.

Fire Trucks


Sea Hawk has developed a standardized Evaluation Tool for the fire service in Canada.  The fire service is facing more challenges then ever before, policies, training demands, OH&S, HR requirements, recruitment, budgets, maintenance, and infrastructure.  Our team of experienced fire service leaders are here to help.  The Sea Hawk PERFORMANCE Evaluation Tool leaves Municipalities and First Nations with an actual roadmap and framework to identify what they are doing right, and where there is some room for improvement.  The fire service, administration, and councils can then work together with Sea Hawk to find solutions to their challenges, based on individual provincial requirements, recommendations and best practices. We have brought the only solution backed by a national organization to the fire service. 

Industry leaders in fire service Administration, Operations, Health & Safety, Training, and Infrastructure have been brought under one roof to provide you with the best possible solutions to your fire service challenges.

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